Temporary Buildings & Industrial Tent Applications
TopTent uses Modular structures that adapt to the available spaces of each client, they are of agile and fast installation, they do not generate waste in their installation, they do not have structures that intervene the free circulation inside them.


  • Dimensions: free width of 32.8, 49.2, 65.6, 82 and 98.4 feet. Eave height of 13.1, 16.4 and 19.7 feet. Special dimensions are designed and built independently.
  • Frame: 6061/T6 alloy reinforced aluminum with extruded profile, anodized surface finish.
  • Roof: polyester fabric coated with PVC on both sides, 1,87p/sf, block out, waterproof, UV filter and fire retardant according to European standards.
  • Side walls: polyester fabric coated with PVC on both sides, 1,43p/sf , translucent, waterproof, UV filter and fire retardant according to European standards.
  • Galvanized steel fittings.
  • Anchorage by means of expansion bolts.


  • Modular structures that adapt to the available spaces.
  • Reinforced aluminum structures, a lightweight material that meets the high safety standards required by European standards.
  • Ultra resistant 100% waterproof PVC membranes with various UV filter treatments, anti-fungus, fire retardant, black out roof and translucent sides that allow energy savings.
  • Our structural tents are specially designed to withstand adverse weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rains and snow.
  • Easily increase the covered space you need to protect your inventories, without the need to invest large amounts in warehouses that take months to set up.
  • It eliminates the logistical costs of having to move to external warehouses, generates tax savings, does not generate tax payments, among several other advantages.
  • Team of professional technicians with extensive experience.
  • We have resistance calculation reports and all the certifications of origin.



The assembly service for industrial tents such as structural tents, temporary warehouses of quick assembly, modular tents, and tenso structures is a crucial part of ensuring the successful deployment of these structures. These industrial tents are often used for a wide range of purposes, including corporate events, exhibitions, and storage solutions.

One of the key features of industrial tents is their resistance aluminum frames, which provide strength and durability for the structure. The assembly of these structures requires a team of experienced technicians who are knowledgeable about the materials and the design of the tent.

When it comes to the installation of temporary warehouses, high safety standards are a top priority. The assembly process for temporary warehouses typically involves the use of heavy machinery and specialized equipment, which requires a skilled team of professionals who are trained in industrial safety practices.

During the assembly process, careful attention must be paid to the details of the structure, including the placement of supports, the tension of the fabric, and the overall stability of the tent. This is particularly important for industrial tents that are being used for storage, as any instability or weakness in the structure could pose a significant risk to the contents of the warehouse.

To ensure the highest level of safety and quality in the assembly of industrial tents and temporary warehouses, it is important to work with a reputable provider that has a proven track record of success. This provider should have a team of skilled technicians who are experienced in the assembly of these structures, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the materials and design principles that are used in their construction.

Overall, the assembly service for industrial tents and temporary warehouses is a critical component of their deployment, and it is essential to work with a trusted provider who can deliver a high-quality, safe, and reliable installation.