Our structures are manufactured with high resistance aluminum frames and with an efficient assembly system, which allows the installation of large dimensions in a reduced time. They can be used temporarily and permanently obtaining important benefits in cost and time. We adjust our modules to the available spaces in any type of compacted soil.

The construction system of our modular tents is specially designed to withstand adverse weather conditions such as heavy rains, strong winds, snow and earthquakes. We use the latest technology membranes manufactured with UV filter treatment, fire retardant, anti fungus and block out.


  • Our structural modules are available in different dimensions, the most common being those with a pillar free span width ranging from 32.8 feet to 98.4 feet, eave height from 13.1 feet to 26.2 feet and unlimited length with perimeter pillars every 16.4 feet.
  • Larger dimensions as well as higher eave height with stronger structures can be manufactured upon request.
  • The structures feature three roof alternatives: single membrane, thermo inflatable (energy efficient) and steel panels.
  • Side closure alternatives are PVC membranes, corrugated steel, 1.6 inches, 2.4 inches, 3.2 inches and 3.9 inches insulation board, and aluminum framed glass windows.

Ambient lighting

Automatic gate roll-up

Access door with panic bar


Electric generators

Air conditioning

Access door with security key